Consumer advice


1. Bubbles for brunch!

Served alone or as a mimosa, the sparkling cider can add some fizz to your brunches. Served with pancakes, it blends perfectly with all the flavors. Add some blackcurrant liqueur to your cider and you have the perfect kir!

2. Opt for still cider!

It’s the perfect alternative to white wine. It pairs well with pork, fish and seafood with its sweet and fruity taste. Why not make a sangria? It has a fresh, supple and pleasant taste, perfect for a thirst quenching sangria.

3. Change things up: cider and cheese!

Dare to surprise your guests by accompanying your favorite cheeses with a tasty cider.

Our suggestions

*Serve your cider with bread, crackers, fresh or dried fruit, pâtés and terrines.


4. Ice cider, to finish things off beautifully.

Ice cider is perfectly paired with full-bodied, firm or blue cheeses. At the end of your meal, your taste buds will be more than satisfied. For a sweet tooth, it goes with chocolate perfectly, as well as fruity desserts and pastries. And to treat yourself, picture the sublime pairing of ice cider with foie gras!

5. Ready-to-drink

Available in individual sizes (bottle or cans), ready-to-drink ciders are easy to drink on the go, depending on your activity (picnic, evening with friends or aperitif)! They can also be flavored: hops, fruity, honey, maple, etc.

6. Dare for cocktails

Reinvent your classics by introducing cider into your cocktails. We have listed many cocktail recipes to inspire you.

In which glass?


Use a champagne flute for sparkling cider.



(Individual bottles)
Use a beer glass.



Use a standard wine glass.


Ice cider / Fire cider

Use a tulip glass or any other liqueur glass.