Still cider

Still cider (or flat)

  • Without effervescence or flat (without bubbles)
  • Green apple and white flower scent
  • Fresh taste is pleasant on the palate
  • Depending on the sugar level, it can be dry or sweet
  • Made from apples harvested at full maturity
  • Alcohol content may vary between 1.5 and 15%
  • Replaces white wine very well during a meal
Effervescent cider

Effervescent cider

  • Can be sparkling or carbonated
  • Smell of ripe apples, vanilla or breadcrumbs depending on the foam method
  • Its alcohol content generally varies between 2 and 12%
  • Depending on the residual sugar content, it can be dry, semidry or sweet
Fire cider

Fire cider

  • Made by evaporation. Heat is used to concentrate sugars, such as maple syrup
  • Alcohol content of 9 to 15%
  • Vibrant acidity and exudes smells and tastes of cooked apples, caramel and candied fruit with a coppery color
Ice cider

Ice cider

  • Invented in Quebec, can have an alcohol content between 7 and 13%
  • Like fire cider, sweetened product with a residual sugar of 130 g/l
  • Smell of fresh or cooked apple, caramel, candied fruits, spices and honey
  • Balance between acidity and sugar as well as sometimes a slight bitterness in the end
Rosé cider

Rosé cider

  • Can be effervescent, ice or flat
  • Final note of roses and red fruits (cranberries, strawberries…)
  • Color can be obtained from red flesh apple varieties or by maceration of apple peelings in juice