Did you know...?

Since cider is made from apples, it is naturally gluten free. Cider is not brewed from wheat, barley or rye unlike some beers.

On average: 5 years but up to 10 years for some Ice ciders. Ice cider can be keep in a wine cellar, tilted. Only refrigerate a few hours before serving. Once opened, it can be kept for several weeks in the refrigerator.

It’s made from fresh apples, grown and harvested in Quebec. It is a 100% local product, without added artificial flavors or apple concentrate.

All cider produced in Quebec must respect the regulation of apple cider and other apple-based alcoholic beverages (chapter S-13, r 4), which stipulates the different definitions, denominations, conditions of production, bottling and labeling of ciders.

The Ministry of Finances stipulates the conditions of production and administers a support program for artisanal alcoholic beverage producers. The Regie des alcools, des courses et des jeux (RACJ) issues licence permits and inspect requirements.

Just like in wine production, the terroirs’ influence can be observed in cider typicity. The orchards on the mountains are faced with the effects of sunshine, spring frost, drainage and the level of organic matter available. The maturity of the various apple varieties are reached at different times depending on the region of production.

It is possible to replace white wine in recipe with the same quantity of still cider. Recettes du Québec has published a great guide on how to substitute. To consult the entire document: click here.

Robert Demoy, founder of the Cidrerie du Minot, proposed the term “cidriculteur” in 1992. A cidriculteur grows apples for cider, just as a ‘’vigneron’’ grows grapes for wine.

Cider is a lower caloric option to some more popular spirits. According to Mr. Hubert Cormier, a nutritionist: “because cider has an alcohol percentage that varies between 2 and 10%, it often contains a smaller amount of calories than an equal serving of wine!”.

Serve the sparkling cider in a champagne flute, ready-to-drink cider in a beer glass, still cider in a standard wine glass and ice cider and fire cider in a tulip glass.

One liter of ice cider requires 9.5 kg of apples, which is around 80 apples!